Our Programs

We believe children learn and grow best when they are able to learn through play and real life experiences.   School wide, we enhance our program with thematic units. These themes are incorporated in a number of different ways such as projects, stories, songs, centers, activities, sensory play, bulletin boards, and much more. They make learning fun!  Every week a different theme is explored as well as a different Bible story.  Each age group also has Bible verses they learn.  Through a hands on learning approach children are introduced to science, math, pre-reading, sensory, language, literacy and more! At our school we create, discuss, observe, sing, move, and read!


Our infant care program (6 weeks to 12 months) is staffed with experienced personnel who are dedicated to meeting the demanding needs of a newborn and the growing baby. We believe that meeting the child’s needs quickly and effectively, with much nurturing, lays a good foundation that will last a lifetime. Baby Signs ® are used in the infant and one year old programs.

One Year

For children 1 year (and walking) – 2 years, this program is designed with the active toddler in mind. Our staff is aware of the developmental stages that the children of this age go through. Their physical and emotional needs change almost daily. To help the young child feel secure, we have a daily routine, a stable environment, a loving staff, and a variety of age appropriate activities.When you visit our 12-24 month classrooms, it is very likely that you will see them painting with pudding, singing, or reading a story.If the weather is nice, you will find our students outside playing on their “own” on the playground or on a buggy ride. With all of our activities, we still find time for naps, snacks, and lunch.

Two Year

Playing is learning at the two-year-old level. The children in this class (2 -3 years old) learn by doing and experiencing. We take advantage of your child’s energy and curiosity to make learning a pleasurable process. Our teachers provide a combination of planned activities with intervals of independent play. Our twos are provided with age appropriate activities to stimulate their fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, and social development. There is also a strong emphasis in these classrooms on potty training. We believe that positive reinforcement and consistency is the way to help our twos master potty training.

Our preschool program is for children 3 years (and potty trained) – 5 years old. This program is arranged with “learning centers” to provide opportunities for creative play and emotional development, and to encourage social skills. Every week is a different theme and  emphasizes a different letter.  They use tactile ways of learning such as making the letter “O” with cheerios or making a “T’ with spaghetti. Reading readiness, literature, science, math skills, art, introduction to computers, music and movement, and Bible time are all a part of the preschool program.

Our Kindergarten program uses the Sonlight curriculum, which provides a well structured learning experience.  Our class size does not exceed 15 children.  During the kindergarten year, your child’s curriculum consists of the following:

Bible – Stories and Bible verse memorization
History & Geography
Reading & Language Arts
Horizons Math
Handwriting Without Tears

During summer break our school agers (6 -12 years old) are engaged with fun activities throughout the hot days.  Every week the children experience a fun theme.  Some of our exciting activities include cooking, games, Bible lessons, drama, creative art, science experiments, and water play.

The Registration Fee is due when turning in the Student Application, then due every August thereafter. Summer Registration is due each May.

All tuition is based on reserved space and not actual attendance. Upon enrolling at Parkway Children’s School you will be required to provide the days and approximate hours that your child will attend. Your requested days and hours are then reserved for your child and payment is required.

Advanced payment is due for tuition.  Payments may be paid weekly or monthly.

Tuition includes 2 snacks and lunch.  Breakfast is served between 7:00-7:45 and is $1.00 per day.

Late fees are billed for late payments. There is no credit given for holidays, vacations, or missed days.

We require a two-week notice if you plan to withdraw your child from the program.

Registration Fee  (yearly)  :
Infant – Preschool    $120 (Family $180)
Kindergarten            $250
Summer Program    $50

Tuition Rates:
Infant Program
6 weeks – 12 months:  $225 per week or  $964 per month

Toddler Program
Extended Day 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
5 days    $188 per week     $806 per month
4 days    $171 per week     $733 per month
3 days    $154 per week     $660 per month

Toddler School Day 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
5 days    $136 per week      $583 per month
4 days    $128 per week     $547 per month
3 days    $120 per week      $511 per month

Preschool Program
Extended Day 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
5 days    $168 per week     $698 per month
4 days    $150 per week     $630 per month
3 days    $135  per week     $564 per month

Preschool School Day 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
5 days    $116 per week      $502 per month
4 days    $108 per week     $468 per month
3 days    $100 per week     $430 per month

8:30-3:30              $600 per month
AM & PM Care     $150 per month,  $60 (AM only),  $125 (PM only)

Summer Camp ( School Aged)

Weekly                  $150

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Infant Enrollment Packet